Essential summer accessory: 5 awesome ways to use your outdoor rug

summer outdoor rugs

Whether summer 2015 turns out to be a scorcher or a washout, come rain or shine there’s one accessory that will complement all your summer plans: a supremely stylish, yet perfectly practical outdoor rug from Unnatural Flooring.

Simply roll up your rug, and keep it handy in your car boot, or next to your front door, ready for every summer adventure as it unfolds…

#1 – Picnics – unroll your rug to protect you from damp grass and create an utterly comfortable picnic spot worthy of a post-lunch snooze in the dappled sunshine. And if a friendly dog bounds over to investigate, muddy paws wipe off woven vinyl with virtually no effort at all, leaving you free to get back to that lazy summertime nap.

#2 – Garden Parties – create a stylish entertaining space with your woven vinyl rug underfoot to protect your lawn (or your guests’ party shoes!). Whether placed under garden furniture, or used to decorate your gazebo floor, your rug will cope with whatever your party throws at it – from spillages to high heels – and its slip-resistance makes it a safe surface for any impromptu dance moves!

#3 – Beach Days – claim your small patch of beach and make your base for the day with towels laid over your waterproof, woven vinyl rug for ultimate comfort and sand minimisation! Then stretch out, relax, and watch the mesmerising waves as they roll in.

#4 – Camping – keep your tent, caravan or camper van dry and mud-free with a woven vinyl rug used as an extra floor covering inside, or create a relaxing outdoor space by placing your camping furniture on one of our rugs so you can comfortably chill out with a well-earned glass of wine or beer and enjoy your campsite view.

#5 – Festivals – your tent needs to be able to stand up to the festival endurance test as much as you do! If mud and beer are in abundance, a woven vinyl rug will be your god send. Keep your clothes dry and off the ground with our handy, easy-to-clean, waterproof outdoor rug, and when its time to make that long journey home, it rolls up easily to be stowed away until your next summer adventure.

Five standard sizes available:

  • Extra Large (240 cm x 170cm) – £325
  • Large (180 cm x 120cm) – £195
  • Medium (240 cm x 70cm) – £195
  • Small (150 cm x 90cm) – £125
  • Extra Small (110 cm x 60cm) – £85
  • Or contact us for a quote for your bespoke size rug

Unnatural Flooring rugs practical features:

  • Fireproof (safe to be next to a campfire or beach bbq)
  • Waterproof (copes with spillages, mud, children, pets, etc.)
  • Easy-to- clean (even with a jet washer if required!)
  • Slip Resistant (perfect for dancing on!)
  • Soft and warm underfoot
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Unnatural Flooring is beautiful, practical flooring that works.

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