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Learning through play is one of the most essential and enjoyable journeys of your child’s development. Play teaches children to share, negotiate, work as a team, and problem solve. Playrooms or spaces in the home dedicated to playing is an excellent way of encouraging environments conducive to learning, whilst importantly keeping all that mess in one place!

Whether it's their bedroom, a corner of the dining room, a conservatory or a summer house, your kid's playroom should be a sanctuary for children to explore and feel comfortable. It should also serve as a place where your children can relax and express themselves.

Palyroom flooring

For parents, a playroom is a world in which slime, glitter, cars, chalks, Play-Doh and paints can exist, as well as snotty noses and mucky hands. It is a space that separates the chaos from the calm. When visualising our children’s playroom decor, we initially think of storage, soft furnishings and accessories, but really, we should be starting from the ground up. Playroom flooring and kid’s bedroom carpets experience a lot of action and traffic day-to-day. It’s not just the toy tractors, trains, and ride-on bikes; it’s the peanut butter on toast they promised they wouldn’t take out of the kitchen, the smoothie precariously balanced on the corner of the table and those colouring pens whose lids never go back on.

Our advice? When it comes to considering playroom flooring, seek to invest in a product that is:

  • Comfortable and safe
  • Durable and hardwearing
  • Water and stain-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Unlikely to cause allergies

The good news is you can still tick all these boxes without compromising on style or contrasting with the look and feel of the rest of your home. The days of garish carpets in unsightly colours, covered in fluff and grime are long gone. Your playroom can be practical and low maintenance while looking great at the same time.

So for functional yet homely playroom flooring, we’ve picked out our top five choices from Unnatural Flooring to inspire your thinking.

Amazing Augusta

From our New England collection, Augusta has a beautiful neutral tone that will work in any space in your home, matching your playroom decor as children adapt and grow. This classic bouche weave carpet is water-resistant and bleach cleanable, so spills are not an issue. Its ‘heavy domestic wear’ rating makes it a reassuring choice for the playroom floor. Highly practical, Augusta flooring offers the benefits of a synthetic fabric but looks just like natural sisal. It’s softer underfoot and infinitely easier to keep looking wonderful. Win-win!

New England Augusta
Long Island Hampton

Happy Hampton

Hampton flooring offers stunning natural-looking tones and is part of our wool-effect Long Island collection. With the look and feel of flatweave wool, this child-friendly playroom carpet is made from 100% Polypropylene, making it robust and hard-wearing for those scratches and spills. Super tough and ‘contract’ rated, Hampton flooring is water-resistant and incredibly durable. So much so it can even be used outdoors and around swimming pools! Perfect for those children who tend to spill everything, Hampton is super-durable yet elegant and soft.

Gorgeous Georgetown

Look no further than Georgetown from our New England collection for a more modern playroom floor. With its contemporary feel and two-tone grey finish, this one works well in any home environment. It is rated for heavy domestic use, so children can get stuck into messy play without you worrying about the aftermath. Like its sidekick Augusta, it's bleach cleanable and can be used inside and outdoors. A perfect choice if you want a neutral yet darker tone to your playroom floor.

New England Georgetown
Long Island Jefferson

Jumping Jefferson!

Add some stripes with our Jefferson flooring from the Long Island collection. Light grey and neutral stripes add a sense of nautical adventure to any playroom space whilst blending in stylishly with the rest of the home. Super soft under your feet with a wool-like texture, don't be fooled; this playroom carpet is super strong, stain-resistant and durable. Let your little pirates set off on their next messy adventure safe in the knowledge they’re on a floor that’s stain, water, chlorine and salt water resistant! Perfect for even the grubbiest adventures.

Perfect Portobello

Think outside the (toy) box and get the ultimate practical solution with our best-selling Portobello woven vinyl playroom floor. Featuring warm earthy tones, our woven vinyl looks just like a natural seagrass floor but is contract-rated and designed to stand the test of time. Waterproof, low maintenance, slip-resistant and effortless to clean, this is one flooring solution that will stand up to anything!

Unnatural Flooring Portobello

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Whichever way you go with your choice of kids playroom flooring, be sure to play around with different textures and tones to discover what works best in your home. Remember, they won’t be small forever, so it’s worth choosing a solution that will continue to look great long after the messy years have passed.

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