Premium Gym Flooring

From hotel gyms to home gyms, choosing the right gym flooring is a crucial part of the design process.

Gym flooring takes a lot of strain, from heavy equipment and vigorous movement to the odd fluid spill, a good gym floor needs to be hard-wearing, anti-slip and wipe clean. It should also provide protection to limbs and joints, as well as whatever lies beneath it.

A vinyl gym floor from Unnatural Flooring ticks all the boxes, plus it’s easy to install and unlike a lot of conventional solutions, it looks stunning as well!

Atacama from the Unnatural Flooring range in a home gym

The problem: What makes a great gym floor?

There are a number of key factors, each as important as the next, which any gym bunny is going to expect from a high performance gym floor. A great floor needs to be:

  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Forgiving
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-slip

Even if it’s just a home gym or a small fitness studio, each of these properties is equally relevant. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of each:


Gyms are one of the highest traffic spaces we work with. If you’re not on a machine you’re on the floor either working out or moving from one station to another. Heavy machinery gets shifted around, dumbbells get dropped and there’s endless jumping, running, skipping. As a result, gym flooring gets put to work on a daily basis and most standard flooring won’t last more than a year before showing serious signs of wear.


From sweat to sports drinks, fluid spills in a gym are inevitable and it’s important to make sure your flooring can stand up to them. A waterproof gym floor will stop liquid seeping through into the subfloor where it can linger and smell.


For a number of reasons it’s important to have a gym floor with a bit of give. Whether you’re doing high impact training, using free weights or just working on the floor, you’ll want the surface to be firm yet comfortable with a bit of springiness to help protect your joints and muscles.

Easy to clean

Gym floors go through a lot of treatment and require regular cleaning. Make sure you find a solution that lends itself to good hygiene and cleanliness.


It goes without saying but whatever option you choose, you’ll need your gym floor to be grippy and anti-slip. When you’re using free weights, stretching, doing press-ups or even yoga, it’s important to have a surface you can depend on to prevent injury.

The solution: Woven vinyl gym flooring

A woven vinyl gym floor from Unnatural Flooring helps you tick all the right boxes when it comes to functionality. Our vinyl flooring is incredibly hard-wearing, waterproof, has an anti-slip rating and is easy to clean. It’s also gentle underfoot and offers a bit of bounce to help protect those knees, ankles and wrists.

Core features:

  • Contract-rated - tested up to 25,000 resolutions of an office-chair
  • Waterproof - use it outdoors on decking, around swimming pools and even on boats
  • Firm yet forgiving - designed for heavy footfall and high traffic areas
  • Easy to clean - just clean with soapy water and it looks like new
  • Anti-slip - with a R10 anti-slip rating, it’s approved for bathrooms, poolside and cruise ships
Atacama flooring in a home gym
water drops on a sample of Unnatural Flooring

Practical gym floors that look amazing

If you’re passionate about creating an inspiring space that looks as good as the rest of your home or premises, then style and appearance will be just as important as performance.

Whether it’s the reception area, changing rooms or fitness studio, we offer a range of vinyl flooring solutions that combine the style of a woven floor with the practicality of a man-made product that looks like new after every clean.

Our woven vinyl comes in two distinct collections, the original natural looking Unnatural Flooring range and our sharp, design-lead Precision range that’s a perfect fit for commercial gym settings.

Unnatural Flooring - Classic woven vinyl flooring

With the look and feel of a natural woven floor, our best-selling Unnatural Flooring range offers a stunning combination of natural look finishes and metallic designs that are perfect for a home gym or small fitness studio. These tightly woven vinyl carpets look amazing in both our classic neutral tones and the more contemporary colourways.

Get the natural look with the likes of Savannah and Atacama, or add a modern edge with the dark tones of Jet, or the blue of Midnight.

Precision - Contemporary gym flooring

For a more modern look, our Precision collection of premium gym flooring features sharp designs and the same level of practicality. With striped and herringbone designs as well as more modern weaves and multi-coloured patterns, the Precision range offers a high-quality, high-end option.

Make a statement with the brown, white and grey stripes of our Strata design or go bold with our standout Mustard. For the ultimate cool gym floor, the charcoal undertones of Brooklyn or Zurich are hard to beat.

Tried and tested

Our woven vinyl flooring is already being enjoyed in gyms and fitness studios throughout the UK, from prestigious hotels like the iconic Dorchester in London and Bath’s Royal Crescent to home gyms around the country. You’ll even find Unnatural Flooring gracing the poolside cabanas of your nearest Centre Parcs thanks to it’s non-slip, waterproof qualities.

To future-proof your workout space with a winning combination of practicality and style, contact us today or head over to our Stockists page to find your nearest fitter.

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