Discover The Benefits of Faux Sisal Carpet

If you’re considering adding sisal carpets to your home or business, you may be weighing up the practicality of natural flooring in relation to their fantastic appearance, that’s where we come in.

At Unnatural Flooring, we absolutely love the look of sisal carpets. Our original offices were laid with them and we thought they looked great. Their rough earthy texture and natural abnormalities offer a relaxed, traditional feel that seemed perfect for a workplace. It wasn’t long though before we started seeing the downsides of a real sisal floor and those negatives led us to come up with a solution.

New England Stamford faux sisal carpet in a living room

The pros and cons of sisal

Anyone who has lived with sisal carpets, sisal rugs or even a sisal doormat will know that for all its wonderful qualities, there are a number of limitations that mean this natural flooring option is not always the best choice for high-traffic areas, spill zones or general comfort.

Watermarks and staining

Prone to water-marking and vulnerable to stains, most manufacturers recommend treating sisal carpet with a polymer based protector to help extend its life. Over time, as a result of cleaning and general wear and tear, this artificial layer becomes less effective making your carpet more susceptible to scuffs, marks and spills. For anyone looking for a purely natural floor this creates an immediate compromise. Do you stick with a natural product and except it won’t stay looking great for long, or do you add a polymer surface that will need regular reapplication?

Comfort and wear

The other common downside of sisal carpet that comes up regularly in our customer feedback is comfort. Natural sisal floors can be coarse underfoot and uncomfortable to walk, kneel or sit on. Prone to matting in high traffic areas, worn sisal flooring can often become slippery making it unsafe and unsuitable for stair runners.

New England Boston faux sisal carpet close up
New England Newport faux sisal carpet in living room

Problem-solving sisal alternatives

Seeing our once clean and beautiful sisal floor rapidly lose its gorgeous natural colour and become dotted with stains, we decided to create a problem-solving solution that took all the great aesthetics of real sisal carpet and combined them with the practicality and durability of a man-made alternative.

Stain resistant sisal effect flooring

Made from polypropylene, we created a stunning range of faux sisal carpet that share the appearance and texture of the natural fibre but are stain and water resistant, incredibly easy to clean and some that can even withstand life outdoors.

Available in a brilliant choice of natural looking colours and weaves, as well as some more contemporary designs, our washable sisal is incredibly durable with ranges to suit both domestic and commercial use.

Soft, comfortable and hard wearing

Great for hallways, stairs and high traffic areas, our flooring is softer and more forgiving than sisal and bleach cleanable at 10% dilution.

We now offer over 50 variations across two ranges as well as our incredible waterproof woven vinyl that imitates a more tightly woven sisal or seagrass floor that’s non-slip, wet cleanable and super easy to install.

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We’re sure you have plenty of reservations regarding how good a man-made sisal carpet can be. That’s why we’re more than happy to provide free samples of any of our ranges. Or, head over to our stockists page to find your nearest retailer.

All of our ranges can also be made into gorgeous polypropylene sisal rugs which offer extra versatility when it comes to moving them around and cleaning them.

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