Bathroom Flooring

From non-slip vinyl to luxury bathroom carpet, our stunning range of bathroom flooring options offers a huge choice of finishes, colours and patterns to suit every home or commercial styling.

Safe, low maintenance and durable, our bathroom flooring combines the look and feel of natural materials but with all the practicality of man-made alternatives. Choose from fully waterproof faux sisal flooring, wood-effect sheet vinyl and our water-resistant polypropylene carpet for luxurious bathroom finishes that are easy to clean and easy on the eye.

Our huge selection of bathroom flooring includes both natural look finishes and more vibrant colours to suit every look. From wet rooms to small bathrooms and ensuites, our versatile, easy-to-fit flooring is the perfect, practical solution for splash zones and washrooms.

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Choosing the best bathroom flooring

If you're stuck for bathroom flooring ideas and can't decide which is the best solution for your project, it's worth considering the various benefits of each different solution.

Vinyl bathroom flooring

Waterproof, easy to install and incredibly easy to clean, non-slip vinyl flooring is a natural choice for bathrooms and wet rooms. With the look of natural sisal or seagrass, our contract-rated Unnatural Flooring collection can be used indoors and outdoors, has an R10 slip resistance rating and is compatible with underfloor heating. Perfect for bathroom floors, this luxury vinyl comes in a huge choice of colours and designs, including natural-looking brown and beige tones, contemporary metallic finishes and our stunning grey bathroom flooring.

Wood effect bathroom flooring

Many people love the look of natural wood in their homes and it can be tempting to strip back a bathroom floor to the floorboards, however, while this can look great, wooden flooring in bathrooms can prove problematic. For starters, wood doesn't respond well to moisture and the humidity and splashes in a bathroom make it the dampest room in the house. What's more, gaps between boards can allow moisture to seep into the void below which can leave damp patches on the ceiling below and play havoc with any electrics in the vicinity.

For a gorgeous wood look bathroom floor without any of the hassle, our problem-solving Unnatural Wood sheet vinyl provides realistic texture, plank definition and is waterproof. Choose from 4 stunning finishes and lay it over underfloor heating for a luxurious bathroom experience.

Bathroom carpet

Soft and comfortable underfoot, it's easy to see the appeal of carpet in the bathroom, however, these days with so many practical alternatives available, it's a much less common sight. For hygiene reasons and because natural fibres respond poorly to moisture, traditional carpets are best avoided in bathroom areas. If you simply have to have that carpet effect in your washroom though, then our washable flat weave is as good as it gets.

Water-resistant, contract rated and offering the look and feel of natural wool, our Long Island flat woven bathroom carpet is easy to clean and robust. Made from 100% Polypropylene, it can be used with underfloor heating and is chlorine and saltwater resistant making it a popular choice in coastal retreats, spas and on luxury yachts.

Whichever type of bathroom flooring you choose, our brilliant collection of problem-solving options is designed with style, practicality and longevity in mind.

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