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Whether it’s a small home office or a large industrial workplace, choosing the best office flooring for your needs is an important decision and one that is often overlooked. Office floors are subjected to different levels of stress and strain than the conventional flooring in our homes and businesses.

From rolling chairs to heavy traffic, frequent spills and regular cleaning, an office floor is seldom treated with the same level of care and attention that we give our lovely home carpets or cherished wooden boards. An office floor needs to be tough, hard-wearing, easy to clean and stain resistant whilst, above all, still looking great and representing your style.

Where once choices were limited, over the years office flooring options have evolved to include heavy contract carpets, laminates, faux sisal, seagrass and even wooden sheet vinyl that all offer the stunning appearance of a natural product but combined with all the practicalities of a man-made alternative.

Browse our brilliant collection of easy-fit, contract-rated office flooring and discover beautiful designs that offer exceptional performance in busy work environments.

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Choosing the best office flooring

Finding the best office flooring for your workspace depends on both your style and the daily demands the flooring will face. We specialise in making problem-solving flooring that is hard-wearing, easy to clean, stain resistant and long-lasting. Within our range of our office carpets and vinyl you will find varying levels of durability that may impact your decision making.

Best home office flooring

When it comes to finding the best home office flooring, appearance is often at the top of the priority list. Not only is this your place of residence after all, but it’s also likely that your home office floor will see significantly less footfall and generally be put under less strain than a commercial setting.

Our Long Island and Copenhagen collections make brilliant office carpets, offering style, comfort and long-term durability. Alternatively, New York gives the look and feel of natural sisal, while our Unnatural Wood and Unnatural Flooring vinyl office flooring have the look and texture of a natural fibre but are slip and stain resistant, waterproof and castor chair friendly.

Best industrial office flooring

Finding the best flooring for an industrial office is a vital long term investment. Subjected to daily heavy traffic from employees, delivery drivers and cleaners, commercial office flooring needs to be incredibly hard-wearing, resistant to stains and suitable for heavy equipment, rolling office chairs and the frequent spills from ‘al-desco’ dinners.

All with heavy contract ratings, bleach cleanable and tested against castor chair wheels, our range of office carpet, faux sisal and vinyl flooring tick all the boxes. For the look and feel of carpet, consider our teflon coated Alfa & Beta range or get the sisal look with either our New York polypropylene carpets or our Unnatural Flooring woven vinyl. Unnatural Wood gives the look and feel of a real wood floor with plank definition and authentic grain texture, while our Precision range of luxury vinyl is design led for those looking for a modern design.

Best flooring for rolling office chairs

If your office floor will be subjected to more rolling wheels than a Friday night roller disco, it’s worth investing in castor chair friendly office flooring. The weight, pressure and constant friction caused by office chairs on standard carpets can soon cause signs of wear to appear. By choosing a tried and tested office floor, you can wheel around to your heart's content.

The good news is, we offer carpets, faux sisal and wood effect flooring that has all been tested against castor chair wheels. That means you can still get the look you were hoping for without compromising on practicality.

Discover the full range of castor chair approved flooring by browsing our Alfa & Beta carpets, our woven vinyl and our luxury Unnatural Wood sheet vinyl.

Whichever type of office flooring you choose, our brilliant collection is designed with style, practicality and longevity in mind.

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